Mela 2010

Maidstone Mela 2010

Mela Night
Date: Saturday September 11th 2010
Times: Between 5.30pm  and 9.30pm.

Including live on stage the Crown Prince of Bhangra Jazzy B

Mela Day
Date: Sunday September 12th 2010
Times: Between 1pm and 6pm

Jazzy B is looking forward to performing at Maidstone Mela 2010 and said, “I always enjoy performing in Kent where I have many fans. The crowds are always so supportive. The Maidstone Mela will be especially interesting for me as not only it is the first time that I will be performing there but also I am aware that there will be many people attending who may not have heard my music before as the Mela attracts a very diverse audience. This is something that I enjoy as music is an excellent way of bringing communities together.”

Jazzy B will be live on stage at the Maidstone Mela 6.30pm on Saturday 11th September 2010.

A late addition to the show is Rana Sahota, who will be replacing ‘Two for One’ on 12th September 2010, who cannot be present for personal reason. Rana is an emerging Bhangra star and will be singing from his forthcoming album.

Rana has won may plaudits for his debut album last year and is looking forward to wooing fans with us unique and energetic fusion of Bhangra and Pop.

Excited to perform at the Maidstone Mela 2010, Rana said, “I am delighted to be performing at the Maidstone Mela and am looking forward to showcasing tracks from my forthcoming album.”

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Mote Park, Mote Avenue, Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom.

Event Partners
Maidstone Borough Council
Cohesion Plus Kent
Kent Equality Cohesion Council (KECC)